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A little story of how chickens became part of the redworm website.
This is part of the fun of utilizing the resources that surround everyone of us. In the process of learning about all the compost critters that live in my compost I discovered one that turns out to be a great food source for chickens. The black soldier fly larva. This larva consumes large amounts of waste quickly and matures in a matter of weeks. In the larval stage it is 40% protein and 20% fat. This turns out to be a good food source for chickens and at the same time it eats up your garbage. The waste from the larva becomes part of the food for redworms to consume. The chickens we now have were originally bought to study the value of the larva, but now they have become part of the family. For more information on the Black soldier fly see out compost critters page.
$50 deposit
Many of our items are built when ordered. During the busy season we may have a list of orders that we are working on so you may wan to call to see what the time frame is on getting the item(s) that you would like. On items over $100 we require a $50 deposit before we can start working on your order. Once the deposit is paid we will let you know where you are on the list and the approximate time your order will be ready.

We have chicken coops, chicken runs, brooders and a list of options to fit your needs.


The Crate Coop:





Large & Medium Camas Coop

The Large Camas coop is suitable for up to 8 chickens. It has two roosting bars, three nesting boxes with lift top to collect eggs, side chicken door and lots of room. Wide open front doors for easy cleaning. Nesting box can be ordered to be on left or right side.

Medium Camas coop is 6" smaller in all dimensions and is suitable for 3-5 chickens. Single roost, two nest boxes.

Both coops come as a 7 pc kit that assembles in about 20 minutes.


















Platform Coops

For someone who wants to have a few more chickens. Here is a new addition to our coop choices.

40 x 72 Platform Coop

It has:

  • Three external nest boxes
  • Or six external nest boxes (+ $50)
  • Four 35" roosting bars
  • Double front doors
  • Dark corrogated plastic roof


This coop is good for 10-15 chickens.


48 x 96 Platform Coop

This coop is an older picture and is being modified to look just like the 40 x 72 platform coop just a little larger 48 x 96. it will have:

  • four external nest boxes
  • Or eight external nest boxes (+$70)
  • four 44" roosts
  • Double front doors
  • Dark corrogated plastic roof

This coop is made for 15 to 20 chickens.

Either of these coops can have the shingled roof for an additional $80, but this roof choice would have to be done on site and would include a delivery and install charge. Cost will vary due to distance from our location.



The chicken shed

The 8' x 8' coop w/an 8' x 8' run below has multi level shelves and roosts and can easily hold 40+ chickens. With the extented roof and inside/outside lights this coop will cost $2500 installed. The options can vary depending on your needs.












Chick Brooder


This brooder is 4’ wide 32” deep and 22” tall (inside is 15” tall). The brooder is stackable and good for transporting larger chickens (the light is easily removed). Blanket not included, but recommended for regulating the temperature. Easy to clean pull-out tray.



Crate Coop: Created for 1 to 3 chickens also great for a broody hen and her future baby chicks.

36" wide 24" deep

internal single nest box & 22" roost included

Single external nest box$15 

Chicken run 3'x5' base

Front 18" high for coop to sit on

Back 36" high w/door in back


Chicken run 3'x5' base

Front 36" high for coop to sit on

Back 54" high w/door in back


6" coop pedestal

This is to keep the pedestal off the ground and also if you would rather use the small 2'x6' run that fits the medium Camas coop.


Large Camas Coop

(Partially assembled, 7 pcs for easy transport, 20 minutes to assemble)


Large run for lg Camas coop

30" tall, 33" deep, 72" long.


Medium Camas Coop

(Partially assembled, 20 minutes to assemble)


Medium run for Med Camas coop

24" tall, 27" deep, 72" long.


Coop Accessories


Double nest box insert (cut a hole 26" w x 14"t and add to your exsisting coop)


Triple nest box insert (32"w x 14"h)$54
Single roost 32" long$12

Double roost 32" long

Ten box nest box (internal)$125   





Platform Coops
40 x 72 coop kit 7 pcs $595

3 extra nest boxes (6 ttl)$50
48" x 96" coop kit 7 pcs$695

4 extra nest boxes (8 ttl)



 Chicken  Brooder 




Build it yourself BIY Instructions










48"w x 32"d x 22"t (15" inside height)

pull out tray for cleaning and pull out floor

for disenfecting when finished.