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Compost Products


When you compost you get an array of beneficial results. When you Compost tons of compost material as I do you get large amounts of material to share. Many compost products are misunderstood, so I will explain the value of our materials. Every time a redworm eats your compost it crushes and condenses the broken down food, dead bacteria (nitrogen rich), and fungi. Then deposits the casting with a lightly coated bonding material to keep it intact. This makes the vermicompost highly concentrated granule that is water soluble for easy plant absorption.















See our new compost page for our vermicompost varieties and other composts.




Compost starter: Through out the year the starter that is available changes. It is compost that is already aging, but it may be at various stages. This is partially broken down compost that your redworms will thrive in while your food waste or other organic debris breaks down enough for your redworms to eat. It's what your redworms came from so it will make them feel at home right away.






Redworm/Castings Harvester: This unit is almost 5' long (The frame is 4') and can be used on a table or the ground. It weighs 15 lbs and is easy to carry anywhere. It has a 1/4" galvanized screen to separate the castings out from the compost. The majority of your redworms and the large debris comes out the other end to go back to the compost or to share with friends. This is perfect for the home compost enthusiast. See more information below or watch thevideo


$125 shipped

(partially assembled)

Mini Harvester

Like the above harvester, but smaller. If you only have household compost, this is good for quickly getting the job done. 1/4" Galvanized screen.


$70 shipped

(partially assembled)


Small breathable

shipping bags



 Small breathable shipping bags for shipping redworms and European nightcrawlers. This bag is good for shipping up to 1/2 lb of redworms (this will fit in a small flat rate priority mail box).

$.60 ea.

Medium breathable

shipping bags

9 3/4" x 13"

Medium breathable shipping bags for shipping redworms and European nightcrawlers. This bag is good for shipping up to 1 lb of redworms.

$.80 ea.

Large breathable

shipping bags

12 1/2" x 18"

Large breathable shipping bags for shipping redworms and European nightcrawlers. This bag is good for shipping up to 5 lb of redworms.

$1.10 ea.


The NW Redworms mini harvester is simple to use. Once you remove your compost from your bin you just add it into the front of your harvester. Then go around to the back and start turning the compost (slowly). Your compost and redworms will roll their way down to the back of the harvester. At the same time the smaller castings will fall through the screen. Unfortunately the egg capsules and some redworms will also fall through. You can pick them out and put them back into the compost or your can included them with your castings to use in your garden or potting soil. If your compost is too wet this may not work as easily as you see here, but there are solutions to drying up your compost. One is to add in some dry compost material (I just happen to keep that on hand) or dry bedding. Once you are able to run the compost through the harvester you will have a pile of redworms and

larger debris. You can add these guys right back to your compost, start another bin or share them with friends. Just remember you don't want to run your own stock too low. Redworms seem to party more and lay more egg cocoons when the redworm population is more dense.