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Your Source for "Red Wiggler" Composting

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Plywood redworm compost bins

Our plywood compost bins are designed the same as our cedar bins. They have been created to save $$$. With the plywood you can paint them yourself to match your home or garden design. Like all of our designs we engineer them to be attractive, lightweight, and durable.

Local delivery fee: To find your distance go here >>> 806 NE 202 Ave, Camas WA 98607
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10 miles or less $20

11 to 20 miles $25

21 to 30 miles $30

We Recycle!!!

Upgrade to a plywood or cedar bin!...If you have purchased a worm factory and now feel that you have out grown it, we will

take it as a trade-in to a plywood or cedar compost system. We will offer the used worm factories as they become available.

Our trade in price is 3 tray system $30, 4 tray system $35, 5 tray system $40. The bin must be clean and no cracks.




Build it yourself (BIY)

Instructions for: Large plywood Redworm compost bin- Build your own large redworm compost bin for approximately $20. These are easy instructions with a supply and cut list to make your assembly simple and painless.

Plywood compost bin building instructions$3



Medium Plyood compost bin- easy starter bin for 1 to 2 people . There are holes drilled in the bottom to collect the worm tea. 1/2 lb -1 lb redworms is recommended to start your bin.

For pick up or local delivery only

Medium plywood compost bin$65

Horizontal migration screen

(med plywood)



(med plywood)



Large plywood compost bin - Exterior plywood bin for 3 to 5 people (2' x 42"x 20"). 1 to 2 lbs redworms is recommended to start this bin.

Large plywood compost bin$85
Horizontal migration screen (lg plywood)$20

Painted (lg plywood)$25

Assemble it yourself

Plywood bin (AIY) kit:Precut and comes with everything you need for easy assembly. The lid is already assembled as a carrier for all the bits and pieces needed. All you need is the drill and laborer.

Medium plywood compost bin kit

Large plywood compost bin kit$70


Commercial Plywood compost bin - (approx 26 cf) 4' wide x 3'deep x 3' tall. Recommended for school food waste (safe no pinch lid for children), restaurant waste, community composting, to raise large amounts of redworms or someone who wants to compost all of their yard debris. Easily started with 2-4 lbs of redworms and can hold up to 15+ lbs of redworms. This comes with an easy slide in top for easy feeding, removable front panels for easy harvesting. The horizontal migration screen for composting on one side, then switching to the other side while the first side finishes (your redworms will migrate through the screen to the new compost). Then you can easily take out your castings out on the finished side. There is also plenty of room under your bin to collect the compost runoff (a good liquid fertilizer).

Commercial plywood compost bin