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Your Source for "Red Wiggler" Composting

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Redworm Composting guidance
If you need vermicompost (composting with redworms) information this is where you start. Above in the navigation bar you can quickly get to the information pages. For a brief explanation and a link to the page see below. Each title is linked to the information page you are looking for.
Redworm Basics - For quick reference and fun facts about redworms
Types of Compost - There are several types of compost and all have there uses. I will explain the three most common so you can see how they compare.
Getting Started: Before you get your redworms please read. I want your redworms to thrive from the start.
Feeding: These guys are dependent on you to make them happy and then they will work their hearts out for you.
Harvesting: Not the end game... harvest your castings, worm tea, redworms, and keep on composting.
Frequently Asked Questions: Here are a few of the most common questions about redworm composting.
Climate Zones: Composting is for everyone and every climate.
For Your Information:
Some banana peels have been known to have large amounts of pesticide on the skin (used to kill spiders). This can be deadly to many organisms living in the compost system. What you will often see in your compost is the banana peel will shrivel up, but does not disappear. That is the sign that no one wants to eat it. If you have an aerobic compost going also this is more suitable for you banana peals.