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Your Source for "Red Wiggler" Composting

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How do I start a redworm business?

Well if you look at the internet and find 100 redworm websites you may find 100 different ways to start a redworm business. Here are a few ways to have a "Redworm" business. Time is a mandatory investment, it's compost. Slowly I am adding information to this website to help others understand compost, worms and benefits. There are videos, information pages and best of all products to get started. From a business perspective, one of the best ways to learn about redworms and vermicomposting is to experience every part of a redworm business.

 Grow redworms and become a redworm or redworm castings supplier.
I During peak season I am looking for redworm suppliers (generally bulk suppliers that carry 100+ lbs. of worms). There are other redworm businesses that also need suppliers. The demand for redworms is worldwide. As long as we create organic waste there will always be a need for redworms.
We have commercial size compost systems made of fiberglass for growing large amounts of redworms.
So you want to be a worm grower!
Compost as much as you want, grow redworms and test the market. If you do not wish drop us an email and depending on the time of year we may be able to buy some of your redworms.
I have approximately 30 of these bins Available. They hold 2.3 yards of compost and upto 40 lb of redworms or nightcrawlers. You can start with one and build your business from there.
 Sell redworms and other compost products.
If you have a finess for marketing this is another option. We have many products that we have created and you are welcome to market them. We can drop ship most of our products or you can pick them up. Redworms we can get out on the next shipping day (every Monday unless there is a holiday) and other products like bins, displays, and harvesters there is some build time. There are higher discounts for bulk orders. Worm castings are becoming more popular all the time.  
If you are interested in selling our products I will need name, where you are located, a copy of your business license and to know what you would like to sell.
 Grow redworms and sell redworm products and byproducts.

In the past many of my suppliers have become redworm businesses of their own. That's progress, If you know your redworms you will be able to sell them easily. The recycle/compost market is always growing. Educators, vendors and suppliers are needed all over the country.