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Your Source for "Red Wiggler" Composting

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With the high volume of redworm orders, all orders must be in by Friday for weekend pick up and by noon Sunday for Monday shipping. Orders received after that time will be scheduled for the next week.Please include a contact phone number for redworm orders, this is required by the post office for the delivery of live animals.


There are no buttons for ordering redworms that are being picked up. Just call or email to let us know what you would like, when you would like them and you may pay for them when you pick them up.



For the drop down pay buttons (for the larger orders) to work you need to use Internet Explorer as your browser   




1/2 lb


"Eisenia Fetida"


shipping $6


Overstock sale

1 lb


"Eisenia Fetida"


Shipping $6


2 lb


"Eisenia Fetida"


Shipping $12

3 lb


"Eisenia Fetida"


Shipping $12

4 lb


"Eisenia Fetida"


Shipping $12



5 lbs Redworms

free shipping


Free shipping


6 - 9 lb


"Eisenia Fetida"

$20 per lb.

+ $3 per lb shipping

10 - 19 lb


"Eisenia Fetida"

$20 per lb.

+ $2 per lb shipping

20+ lb


"Eisenia Fetida"


per lb

1 lb Redworm/

European Nightcrawler mix


Shipping +$6

1 lb redworms &

1lb European Nightcrawlers


Shipping +12


For orders 20 lbs and over contact us on delivery time

To understand the mass of one pound of redworms they are almost two cups of space. Don't be fooled by someone who advertises a pound of dirt with redworms and claims to have 500 to 1000 redworms, babies and eggs. A big handful of redworms squirming in the soil is probably about 100 redworms.
If you want to compost and raise fish bait check out the European Nightcrawlers, they can be found on the "Nightcrawlers"page.
We also have a European nightcrawlwer (ENC)/redworm mix.

Why Mix?

Redworms are voracious eaters, good in cold weather, very prolific and fast growers. The best worm for fast food debris composting.

ENC's are large compost worms (good for bait), voracious eaters, good in cold weather, but not as prolific as redworms and they take longer to mature. They are better at finishing your compost. ENC's will work longer because they will munch on the bedding after the food waste has disappeared, so there will be less debris in the castings and the castings will be a darker, richer mulch.

They are both very hardy and very compatible with each other.


To call in your order for pick up ask for: Doug (360)-513-7251

Note: If you schedule a pick up and decide you cannot make it or you have changed your mind please let me know. I do not wish to cause harm to the redworms by holding them too long in their packaging. Thank you