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What Got Us Started!

I enjoy composting for my greenhouse and garden. I heard about redworms and vermicompost and I thought it would be something worth trying. I researched redworms and I was disappointed on the expense of starting this type of compost and the amount of conflicting information that I found on the internet. I wanted to see if I could bring the expense down and then create a webpage that could simplify redworm composting information. Once I got past the initial start up, I began to see how quickly redworms could grow. My compost pile seemed to shrink by the hour as my redworms ate. I started with one redworm bin and and now we currently have eight working large redworm bins and several windrows!

I am looking for information of others experiences with their redworms and redworm projects (with pictures). I am working on posting others experiences and projects so you can see what you may want to do with your new hobby. Even if you have only a small inside compost send me pictures and information. I figure the best way to help others is to show them examples of the many different compost systems. This webpage has lots of room so send me anything you can and I will get it posted. See "Community Activities" for some examples, at this time I do not have many, but I am hoping for more.

Mission Statement

Northwest Redworms is an environmentally conscious business. We work to rebalance the environment by recycling its waste. Redworm composting is an essential and naturally expedited way to break down organic consumer waste products. We incorporate a simple plan of combining organic waste with redworms, bacteria, and fungi to create a sweet earthly smelling mulch after composting. As a result we produce a viable concentrated vermicompost that will improve soil texture, fertility, and resistance to disease.

This website is about getting others to understand the importance recycling waste. Aimed at explaining how to start and then continue to compost. Also, we work to provide inexpensive supplies to make the expense of composting minimal. Let's create a fun and attractive way to recycle. Our goal is to help those that want this kind of help.

If you have questions????

Please Feel Free to Contact Doug

cell: (360)-513-7251

address: 806 NE 202 Ave

Camas, WA 98607