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Aerobic Composting

I love aerobic composting. It's a lot of work, but it will create the most compost in the shortest amount of time. When this compost is almost done it will make a perfect bedding for your vermicompost.

Aerobic compost (hot compost) is the most common, quickest and the most labor intensive (by repeatedly turning) compost. Aerobic composts are usually made of leaf debris and grass clippings. The grass clippings provide the nitrates that feed the bacteria. The speed in which the bacteria reproduce causes friction and results in high temperatures. The leaf material provides the space for airflow that bacteria need to live. As the compost settles the air is cut off and the heat dissipates. Once this compost is complete it is a great mulch.  

How it works: 
At the beginning of the decomposition process psychrophylic bacteria are active. They live in lower temperatures up to 55°F, and generate heat in the process. As they grow/divide the temperature rises getting the compost ready for the mesophilic bacteria.

When the temperature inside the decomposing layers reach 50100°F, it attracts mesophilic bacteria to continue the bio degradation. The peak of reproductive and activity of mesophilic bacteria is reached between 8699°F, and further increases the temperature in the soil environment. 

Between 104170°F thermophyllic bacteria take up the process that will eventually result in organic soil, or humus. Fungi thrive in these hot and humid environments and take part in each decomposing step. The fungus breaks down the cells of the carbon material (leaf). It is the dead fungus that turns your compost dark. 


Large scale aerobic compost  
(10+ yards) You might want a tractor for this one.

Medium scale aerobic compost 
( 1-3 yard capacity) Pitch fork required

We sell this version at our on site store (must be pre-ordered). It comes in 1, 2, 3 sections and up. The first section is $199 and each additional section is $100 each. The example shown is $399. Pitchfork not included.

small aerobic compost
(1/2 yard or less)