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Your Source for "Red Wiggler" Composting

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NW Redworms News:


Redworms overstock sale:

$20 per lb. $6 shipping to

anywhere in the US.


They are small and ready to

eat up your food waste.

For more information and to

order larva see our 

Black Soldier fly page. 


Welcome to
Northwest Redworms

--Think Green, Compost Recycle with Redworms, Get Greener--
Put these worms to work and your waste footprint on the world will become known as "the fertile footsteps." Every bit of organic wastethat you compost will become the nutrientsfor future plant life to grow on. 
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Worms are not kept on hand, they need to be harvested. We harvest every Saturday by 1 pm. Orders must be placed prior to 5 pm Friday to be ready for the following week. Pick up day is also needed. Occasionally we have orders that don't get picked up as scheduled so don't hesitate to ask if we have some on hand.
For many of the questions that you may have about redworms, composting, compost products, we have created the following pages. Please check them out and let us know how to improve our information. We want your composting experience to be easy, educational and fun.

See our newest videos below. We will be updating

this as often as we get the chance They will also be posted

throughout our website where

they fit in.






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