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Non Compost Products

Things are always changing and we love to add new and interesting items onto our website. I tinker around with many different creative areas and instead of creating a new website for each little item I am expanding this website. There are many other websites that are filled with good information and I would rather reference them instead of rewriting what is already good information.

Page 1: Chickens and Chicken Coops We are building a variety of chicken coops for urban chicken farming and rural egg production to promote community networking of home grown foods.
Page 2: Woodwork Products At times we build unique wood creations that become popular or gives someone an idea of something that they would like built. Give us a picture and we can probably duplicate it.
Page 3: Mason Bee Homes Perfect worker for spring pollination of all your fruit trees. These bees are essential for ensuring a bountiful harvest of fruit. It is recommended that these bee blocks are put out before the end of April before they are done laying their egg larva for next year.