Doug Knippel, Founder



My mission is to teach the importance of recycling waste through composting. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I've always enjoyed working in the outdoors. In 2008, I bought my first batch of Redworms and built a compost bin. Less than a year later, I was running eight commercial sized bins. Now that I'm established, I've made it my mission to compile accurate and useful information for any who'd like to get started in this industry. 

Northwest Redworms works to create balance in our own ecosystem through the conscientious recycling of our waste. Redworm composting is an essential way to break down organic waste products. When combined with Redworms, healthy bacteria, and fungi, organic waste is transformed into a rich, earthy-scented mulch. This concentrated vermicompost improves soil texture, fertility, and cultivates resistance to disease.