Black soldier fly breeding light

Black soldier fly breeding light


I have been asked many times what is the light that I use in my fly room to get the soldier flies to breed. I have used many different lights and had success (as you can see in my videos), but this light is different. I plugged this in and the vibe in the room changed. Within minutes pairs of mating flies were dropping to the floor.

This one is not a toy, you can see by the price. If you are serious about producing black soldier fly larvae this is the light you want.

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Black Soldier Fly Breeding LED 150W

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Model: BSF-4C-200-3030
CE Certified.

  1. Illuminate a cage with height from 1-3 meter. Each LED can cover area up to 10 m2 from 3 meter heigh.

  2. Water proof.

  3. Passive heat ventilation system.

  4. Power requirement 100-240V 50/60hz

  5. Adjustable power source

Caution!!! This product emits strong UV, DO NOT stare at the light without any protection when connected to the power!