European night crawler

European night crawler

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European Nightcrawlers (ENC): (Eisenia hortensis). Great for composting and larger than the redworms so they can also be used for fishing. 2 or 3 times bigger than their smaller cousins, the redworm, they are as thick as a pencil and vary in length. I have come to find out that they are a great addition to a redworm compost. They are very compatible with redworms and they will do a lot of the finish work (like break down the bedding material once the food is gone) that the redworms leave behind. 

European Nightcrawlers are very good to add into a garden since they are 12" dwellers (also known as soil tillers). They consume more leaf mold than redworms so they will thrive in your garden or around orchard trees. 

When calculating the amount of worms needed for your project yard, garden or compost here is an easy way to figure it out.

1 lb. of ENC per 1,000 sq. ft. of yard area with a light mulch spread over the yard.

1 lb. of ENC per 100 sq. ft. of garden area with 3" to 6" of mulch or compost spread over the garden (this is best done in the fall to give the worms all winter to work in the mulch).

1 lb. of ENC/redworm mix per 2 sq. ft. of compost area (this will give them area to grow with ample food available).

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