Extended Cedar Supreme

Extended Cedar Supreme

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Product Details:
- Custom fit 3’, 4’, 5’ & 6’.
- Stained with organic soy based stain with UV protection
- Two and three compartments depending on size
- 1/4” screen dividers to allow easy worm traveling between compartments
- Removable front panels and removable viewing windows on each compartment

This was created to allow viewing the compost process and to make compost harvesting as easy as possible. Underneath, the tea tray holders can fit trays up to 2” high to catch the leach that flows through the compost while the worms are working.

Length (Regular is 3'):
Slide Out Panels:
Tea Tray Holder:
Viewing Window:
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Outside dimensions

3’ large - 40”x 25”x 21” tall

ext 4’ Large - 52”x 25”x 21” tall

ext 5’ Large - 64”x 25”x 21” tall

ext 6’ Large - 76”x 25”x 21” tall