Redworm/Nightcrawler Mix

Redworm/Nightcrawler Mix

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Why Mix?

Redworms are voracious eaters, good in cold weather, very prolific and fast growers. The best worm for fast food debris composting.

ENC's are large compost worms (good for bait), voracious eaters, good in cold weather, but not as prolific as redworms and they take longer to mature. They are better at finishing your compost. ENC's will work longer because they will munch on the bedding after the food waste has disappeared, so there will be less debris in the castings and the castings will be a darker, richer mulch.

The mass of one pound of worms is almost two cups of volume. One pound of compost worms can be fed 3.5 lbs of waste per week (or one gallon estimate). If you read somewhere that you should order 1000 worms it is implied that 1000 worms should = 1 lb. This is deceptive, 1 lb of worms can vary between a 200 to 15,000 count depending on the type and age of worms that you order. So beware if you are ordering 1000 worms from another source it may be as little as a couple ounces which would not do much composting.

Shipping is built into the cost of this item. See below for more shipping and pick up information

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Orders to be shipped can only be placed through this website, not over the phone. For questions please email. Orders above 20 lbs can be invoiced via email.

Pick up price for a mix is $30 per lb. plus tax. Worms are available for pick up every Saturday between 1-5 pm. If you wish to pick up 2 lbs or more please contact me by Thursday for a Saturday pick up . We do not have worm pick up during the week.

All shipped orders must be in by Friday midnight for Monday shipping. Orders received after that time may be scheduled for the next week. Please include a contact phone number for redworm orders, this is required by the post office for the delivery of live animals.

To ensure live delivery for your worms we have guidelines on how we ship during the winter.

During the winter if your temps are:

Above 40 degrees daytime and above 30 degrees nighttime worms are shipped priority mail.

Between 40-30 degrees daytime and/or 30-20 degrees nighttime worms are shipped priority mail “hold for pick up” at the post office. If your order is not picked up at the post office within 24 hours the "live guarantee" will be voided.

Below 30 degrees daytime and/or below 20 degrees nighttime worms orders are held and not shipped.

If our temps are below 30 degrees (Portland Oregon weather) our harvesting is difficult and we do not ship worms at this time.