Worm Chalet

Worm Chalet

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This is a plastic compost system which gives is a very long life. It's also a great starter system for those that have never composted since it is easy to monitor and feed. I will also take these as a trade-in for our larger cedar or plywood bin systems when you decide to increase your composting capacity (see the cedar/plywood bins for trade in pricing).

I have tested this bin and I would highly recommend it for indoor use in extreme hot and cold regions. The benefit to this system is that it is 100% contained and will fit in if you have a limited amount of free area inside your home. At the bottom is the marketing information that comes with selling this product. The difference with this webpage is I plan to give you our evaluation of this product before you think about buying it.

We also sell used worm factories. Many customers of ours have started with the worm factory and then upgraded to the larger cedar compost bins, so we now have their trade-in. (this is for local customers only). Our recycled supply is limited.

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Our Evaluation:

This Muti-tray system does give you the ability to keep your compost in an orderly sequence where the finished product can be removed from the bottom without disturbing the rest of this compost. I have been using this system for a while and I harvested the bottom tray after two months, see right>>>.

I started this with my compost starter so it did have a head start to getting done. The redworms can be easily harvested out by moving the finished tray to the top and letting the light motivate them to crawl down out of that tray. The other redworms have already migrated to the next level and are happily working away. Note: This system comes with an instruction manual on "how to", I recommend that in addition to reading this to check out the getting started and feeding sections of this website.

The Good:

-The tea collection system is nice, you get an immediate return on your compost efforts to use on your house plants or gardens. Many outdoor systems lose most of its runoff.
-Good ventilation and drainage, this will be helpful to keep your compost from going anaerobic.
-This kit does come with a good set of instructions for setting up you system, but I do recommend you have some compost already breaking down to put in your new bin.
-Very good for in house composting, low odor and not messy outside the bin.
-Durable, this bin will last a long time.
-The compost processes quickly when done correctly.
-Harvest is simple - you move the finished compost on the top and let the sun drive the redworms to the lower trays.

The Bad:

Plastic holds condensation, redworms travel a lot on wet plastic so they may roam out of the bin if the moisture is too high or if they don't like what their being fed.

-This is a small system if you plan to compost for the castings to use in your yard you may need a larger system. I have heard back from some customers that the bin was smaller than they expected.

Overall this system is affordable, long lasting and a very effective way of recycling.