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    Pick up price is $27 per lb., $16 per 1/2 lb. plus tax
    Important considerations:
    To understand the mass of one pound of redworms they are almost two cups of volume. Don't be fooled by someone who advertises a pound of dirt with redworms and claims to have 500 to 1000 redworms, babies and eggs. A big handful of redworms squirming in the soil is probably about 100 redworms.

    About your order: With the high volume of redworm orders, all orders must be in by Friday for weekend pick up and by noon Sunday for Monday shipping. Orders received after that time will be scheduled for the next week.Please include a contact phone number for redworm orders, this is required by the post office for the delivery of live animals.

If you need to order worms during extreme hot (above 90) and cold (below 30) weather (we do not recommend this) your worms will be marked "for pick up at post office only" to prevent any stress or loss of worms. If they sit at the post office for more than 24 hours the "live guarantee" will be voided.


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