First Day of Summer 2019 - Farm Updates

Things are always changing around here! With summer officially in full swing, there are tons of things moving around at the Northwest Redworms farm. We’re always busy, which is why we’re only able to accommodate drop ins from 1 - 5pm on Saturdays.



- We’re now receiving produce by the truckload to feed the worms - often much more than we need! Just this last week, we received 40 palettes of fruits & veggies, from watermelon to corn & asparagus. With 6,000 lbs of corn on the cob we just had to can some up for the winter. Often there is produce that is near the end of its shelf life, but is still good for quick consumption or preserving. Gleaning through our surplus is a bonus for those who volunteer to help un-package produce for the compost.

- For the first time in 10 years, we’re growing pumpkins again. If they fare well, we’ll be doing a small pumpkin patch sale in October. Watch for updates.

- We’ve also begun handmade soaps and healing salves with all natural ingredients so keep an eye out for those! We’ll be launching them soon



The farm is full of all kinds of animals, including cows, chickens, and peafowl. They also benefit from our surplus produce.

Now that the weather is warming up, most of our birds are laying eggs and some are hatching chicks. As a result, we now have baby chicks available. Soon peafowl chicks will be available.

The male peacocks are in full bloom. Once they begin to lose their feathers, we’ll collect them and put them up for sale. These can be used for decorating your home, and various art projects.

We have our first Angus calf born on the property! He is very healthy, growing quickly.and absolutely loves munching on all of the produce we receive.


We also have plants for sale, including fig trees & comfrey. While we don’t sell these on our online shop, they are available for pickup. We have “bok 14” comfrey which is a non invasive strain and will not spread all over the property. Comfrey is a “dynamic accumulator”, it brings up trace minerals with its deep roots and brings it up into it’s leaves and shallow roots. When the leaves are cut back and decompose it puts more back into the soil than it takes out. Our fig trees are 3rd year cuttings so they producing figs in the pot. These delicious figs that can be used to make pies, jams, and all kinds of other goodies.



All of our usual bugs are thriving, including the black soldier fly, redworms, and mealworms. Our castings will be on sale for just a bit longer, as the season has produced much more than usual. Head to our sales page to get more information.


We recently launched a new product: the EZ BSF Larva Lab. It’s specifically designed to cultivate your black soldier fly larvae colony for continuous growth and re-population. Some of the advantages for our product is;

  1. It has 30 degree self harvest ramps to make it easier for the mature larvae to crawl out.

  2. The bin construction is a thicker/sturdy UV resistant plastic to last longer.

  3. Our bin is 20% less expensive than comparable size Black soldier fly larva bins.

It’s easy to set up and use for ongoing success. This is a compost system specifically made for the black soldier fly larvae. It has a 10.5 gallon capacity, 7 gallons of compost area and 3.5 gallons of area for the soldier flies to fly back into the bin to lay more eggs. This system can hold over 200,000 small or 50,000 large larvae. Once the bin is established in the right weather (warm to hot) the flies can naturally continue refilling the bin with larvae. It is made from 100% recycled UV resistant plastic.

EZ BSF Larvae Lab
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