Castings & Compost

Casting & compost availability varies by season. In order to determine whether the product you're looking for is available, please contact us directly.

Redworm Castings / Vermicompost:

Why castings? Biodiversity! Red worms thrive in a compost that is loaded with all kinds of bacteria; fungi and nitrates. This can be found in a compost of many animal manures, but the most diverse compost is one that contains food wastes from fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. Each new food brings it's own set of bacteria/fungi. Once the food is broken down by the microorganisms, it is ready to be consumed by the red worms, thereby concentrated into a nice little worm cast that is ready to be used. The ground up bacteria (nitrates) and other nutrients are now enmeshed with the fungi. When it comes in contact with the roots of a plant the fungi will bond the plant to the nutrients in the castings while increasing the plants water/nutrient absorption ability.

This is the perfect cannabis grow medium. We have tested our compost not the scientific way, but by having someone grow their marijuana in this medium with outstanding results.

Our Composts:

  1. Premium grade redworm cast: This blend of compost starts with an 18 monthaerobically composted leaf and grass mix. It becomes our compost starter base for our windrows and is used as our bedding to the yards of produce salvage that we add to the compost weekly. Our rows do not move, but they grow from being fed on one side only. As time goes by, it will seem as if the rows are moving about 1 foot per month. Once the rows reach 12'+ wide we then harvest off the finish side to prepare the compost for sifting. The compost is sifted down to 1/4" or less in size. Time from start to finish is 3 years.

  2. Grade "A" blend redworm cast: This blend of compost starts with horse manure/sawdust and grass clippings. This is aerobically composted for 2 years and then added as the bedding for the worms over the produce they are fed. This is done similar to the Premium and takes 3 1/2 years from start to finish.

  3. Garden blend compost: This is our kitchen sink compost. It gets all the stuff that may take longer to breakdown like wood chips, leaf debris that had too many sticks in it, pig and chicken manures and unwanted produce. This is composted for several years to make sure there are no undesirable pathogens. There are many worms working in this compost through the years so there are castings in the compost.

  4. Compost starter: This is our grade A bedding that is ready to go into the windrows. There are worms already working in this compost and is great for transitioning our worms into your compost.

Pick-up Prices:

Deliveries are $30 + $2 per mile one way ($40 minimum).

Premium Grade Sifted Vermicompost (tractor loaded) Grade "A" Sifted Vermicompost (tractor loaded) Garden Blend Compost Compost Starter / Leaf Mulch Castings
1 yard premium(180 gallons) = $300 Hand loaded add $40 1 yard ( 180 gallons ) = $270 Hand loaded add $40 1 yard (180 gallons) = $90 out of stock 1 yard (180 gallons) = $70 out of stock 2.5 gallons, shipped = $33
2/3 yard premium (120 gallons) = $200 Hand loaded add $25 2/3 yard (120 gallons) = $180 Hand loaded add $25 2/3 yard (120 gallons) = $50 out of stock
1/3 = yard premium(60 gallons) $100 Hand loaded add $15 1/3 = yard (60 gallons) = $90 Hand loaded add $15 1/3 = yard(60 gallons) = $35 out of stock
5 gallons = $17 5 gallons = $15 5 gallons = $8 5 gallons = $7 $2 off if you bring your own 5 gal bucket
Hand loaded = by 5 gal bucket