Cedar Compost Bins:

All of our custom bins are made from wood products. Granted their life span may not be as long as plastic, but they are built simple, easy to update and repair. This is also made up in the savings in the initial cost of starting your compost recycling. Another advantage is our ability to build a redworm bin to specifically fit your needs for the whole house, community, or business. Each bin allows the option for the following additions:

Viewing window: With the window you can see your redworms at work and you are able to see the progress of your vermicompost without disturbing the redworms home.

Screen divider: The horizontal migration screen divider is to allow you to compost on one side of your bin until it is full. Once you start to compost the other side your redworms will migrate through the screen after they finish the first side. Then you can easily harvest your castings from the first side.

Removable front panels: The removable front panels were created to make it easier to remove your finished compost. If you wish to have the screen divider with the removable panels you will need the split panels so that your screen can be secured to the center post.

UV stain protection: This is already included on all bins (except the do it yourself bin). Cedar is known for turning gray in the sunlight and this protection will keep your looking new longer. This protection may need to be done every one to two years.

*Note that all bins are shipped as kits to be assembled, to save you shipping costs. Assembly instructions included.*

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