Consulting on worm composting / castings
specifically on starting on redworm production, casting production, and/or larvae production BUSINESS

  • rates - $75/hour, 30 min minimums for phone calls

  • services - how to get started, how to scale, how to analyze profit

  • contact information

Pay to book initial consultation $30. Information below will be in the Form:

“I need information from you to break down your goals and existing resources, to ensure that consulting is right for you/you have the means to achieve said goals.”

This is what I need to know to determine if we’d be a good fit for consulting:

- Where are you currently located?
- What is your interest in getting a consultation?
- Checklist: are you interested in redworm, larvae, casting
- What size operation are you looking to build?
- What size is your operation now? Where do you operate?
- How much land do you have? Can you sustain an outdoor operation?
- Do you have a warehouse?
- What is your business goal? Please keep this as concise as possible
- What are you willing / able to invest in growing this business?

Examples of people we could help:
- People who are looking to produce castings / soil
- Nonprofits looking for related grants

REDWORM SUPPLIERS: If you want to be a redworm supplier (raise worms to sell), you have to have experience raising red worms to start. A supplier usually has a minimum of 300 - 500lbs of worms on hand at all times. Some of our larger suppliers have up to 3000lbs of redworms on hand. If you do not already meet these specs, you may not be ready for consulting services on creating a business.