Doug, Consultant & Owner of NWR

Doug, Consultant & Owner of NWR

If you’re looking to work/invest/start a business in the following fields we can help:

- Worm growing for profit medium to large scale
- High quality castings production
- Black soldier fly larvae production medium to large scale

For example: If your goal is to be red worm supplier (raise worms to sell wholesale), it’s best to have experience raising red worms to start. Our worm suppliers are required to have raised a minimum of 200 lbs of worms prior to becoming a drop ship supplier. Some of our larger suppliers have up to 3000 lbs of redworms on hand.

That said, if you have a smaller operation and are able to pay consulting fees, you are welcome to reach out!


  • Rates - Initial consultation is $30. Following that, our rate is $75/hour, 30 min minimums for phone calls

  • Services - how to get started, how to scale, & how to forecast profit


To get started with consulting, you’ll want to book an initial consultation at $30 via the purchase option on this page. This allows to 15 min of phone time, once I review your business set up. Once you add the item to your cart, you will be prompted to fill out a form that contains questions. Please answer all questions as clearly, and with as much detail, as possible. This will allow me to prepare for our phone call, making our conversation more efficient.

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We look forward to working with you!