Harvesting Redworms


1. Bulk Redworms to sell
2. Vermicompost for garden use
3. Castings for fertilizer or worm tea
4. Egg capsules to start an indoor compost


I. Table Harvesting for Small Scale Compost:

To table harvest, place a large pile of compost in the sun or under a light. Preferring the dark, your worms will navigate toward the bottom of your bin as you remove layers of organic material. This allows you to separate them from the finished vermicompost and egg capsules. 

Ensure they have enough organic waste when they return. Harvesting causes the worms a lot of stress, which could push them to navigate away from the compost pile. A fresh meal will help them settle back in seamlessly.


II. Screen Harvesting for Large Scale Compost: 

Screen harvesting is a great method for harvesting large scale compost, resulting in a very fluffy, uniform mixture. We call the result the "Black Gold," of compost. 

A 1/8" sifting screen is best, to ensure egg capsules are fully separated from the vermicompost. You will want to harvest while your pile is dry, otherwise it will clump, potentially harming your worms in the process.

Kayla S