Starting a Redworm Business:

Every Redworm business owner has their own process, but one aspect remains the same: time is a mandatory investment. It's compost. 

Grow Redworms to Become a Supplier:

There is a world-wide demand for bulk redworm suppliers during peak season; from January to May each year. This will never change. As long as there is organic waste, there is a need for composting.

If you are equipped with enough property and time to cultivate a large scale compost, you may find success as a supplier. Determine whether there are any markets in your area willing to provide you with their recycled organic waste. Building relationships with local grocery stores has been a keystone to my growth. 

I recommend starting with single, commercial sized Fiberglass Compost System. It holds up to 40lbs of Redworms, and roughly 2.3 yards of compost. 

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 Sell Redworms & Other Compost Products:

Do you have a knack for sales and marketing? If so, we may be to partner as your supplier, offering substantial discounts for wholesale orders.

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